Pangaea Living | There’s a way through every block :)
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There’s a way through every block :)

There’s a way through every block :)

Sat nam dear fellow travelers!
Blockages.. They come in many shapes and forms. They are very good in disguising that they are a blockage… They look like ‘not wanting to go to bed’ or ‘not wanting to get out of bed’, or ‘watching tv way too much’, ‘blaming others for your misery’ or ‘being grumpy, irritated or tired’. Or many others.

Last few months my blockages looked a lot like these ones. Starting to live together with someone stirs things up, everyone knows that.. In my case my ‘someone’ and I had quite a different lifestyle 🙂 Last few years he spent addicted, living on the streets and in prison until we met at our kundalini yoga level 1 teachers training and grew more and more found of each other.

I had spent my last years as a dedicated yogi, but finding a new rhythm together made me doubt everything. I even doubted my whole yogic lifestyle for a while. But doubt is good, it reorganises your priorities. And teachers who remind you of who you are are a God’s gift. As Yogi Bhajan taught us: there’s a way through every block. So now my man (Ruud) and I work on Pangaea Living together, with more enthousiasm than ever before. I invite you to read the whole story of how we met, how we’ve dealt with our past and how we kept up. You can read it here.

We feel so much warmth and energy flowing towards Pangaea Living. Thank you for your love and support.

Much love,
Kamal Prem Kaur

PS. The photo above is Ruud and me signing the Pangaea Living contract at the Chamber of Commerce

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