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black silence

black silence

Almost 5 years ago I died. A couple of times. The pain was excrusiating. The years after that I have been wondering how I managed to get back to life and stay alive. But I got back to life none the less, understanding something I couldn’t yet grasp.

Here I am. I found my wisdom. I will speak my truth. This is my truth.

Black silence
There’s a point that you can reach,
a point where there’s no more hope.
Many times you think you’ve reached that point,
When you feel desperate, alone, and torn.
But that’s not the point.
When hope is gone, there’s just nothing.
No desperation, no loneliness, no torment.
nothing at all.
It’s a pure and utter silence. A black silence.
A landscape of nothingness.
Surrounding you from inside.
The point is,
surrounded by nothing, there’s only surrender.
And then..
There’s hope.
Followed by trust and pure, light wisdom.



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